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Music Widgets

iT’S Free Downloads currently offers three different widgets that will help you keep track of free music on the internet.

iT’s Free Downloads Google Gadget

Do you want to see all the free stuff on iTunes at once, in one convenient place that you can put on your iGoogle page or even your website? Well, here it is, the free iTunes widget/gadget to end all! It lists the latest stuff and gives you all the past stuff that’s still available with just a few clicks. Just click on the “+ Google” button on the bottom to add to your iGoogle homepage or click here to add to your own website.

…or get it on Facebook, etc.

This version can be added to many sites, including as a Facebook application!

iT’S Free Downloads Web Widget

The Weekly Free iTunes Downloads widget lists the posts made here on iT’S Free Downloads so its really easy to find out about the latest freebies on iTunes. You can easily put it many different kinds places, such as you website (as you see here), on your iGoogle homepage, MySpace or many other web services. It can either be wide or tall, depending on where you want to put it. Here’s an example to play with:

Today’s eMusic Free MP3 Gadget

Every day eMusic has a free mp3 music download. This widget helps you keep track of what today’s free song is and lets out download it. Its perfect to add to your iGoogle homepage or other website. Or you can get the Widget Box version that you can easily put on MySpace, Facebook or other sites. It also can be resized either tall or wide. Check out the wide example below and the tall one in the sidebar to the right: